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After sales service

Technical Services

Our company is responsible for providing complete technical information such as product manuals and parts manuals, as well as detailed training materials. Freely send skilled technical experts to the site for technical guidance and installation, commissioning, operation and testing of the required indicators of the equipment until delivery to normal use. Provide 24-hour online service and train operators for free. Train operators on the operation, maintenance, and maintenance of equipment. In order to ensure that the staff can get a comprehensive knowledge of the maintenance, overhaul and actual operation of the equipment.

Accessories service

Provide some consumables free of charge and supply spare parts and parts for a long time.

Maintenance service

Our factory has a number of after-sales technical service departments throughout the country. If there are any faults in the products during use, the maintenance service department located in each place can send technicians to the customer on-site service at any time. Tengtuo Machinery Service Hotline: 15890620085. At any time, we can arrive at the on-site service within 24 hours of receiving the user's call and promptly eliminate the equipment failure.

Service principle

No matter during the warranty period or the warranty period, once the equipment fails, no matter what the reasons and responsibilities, first solve the problem and ensure the normal use is the principle. If necessary, send technicians to the site to track the service to ensure timely operation. As long as you purchase the equipment of Tengtuo, you are a lifetime customer of Tengtuo, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

After-sales service organization and personnel introduction

Our company has spent considerable effort in cultivating the technical skills of the technical staff in the after-sales service department. First of all, the first position of the after-sales service personnel entering the company is to participate in the production, installation, commissioning of the product in the production workshop, and then transfer to the inspection position of the product. Through the training of the above two links, the after-sales service personnel have a solid foundation for the working principle, maintenance method and inspection process of the machine, and can be well qualified for after-sales and maintenance work.

Service Process

About our company's after-sales service, it must be used under the premise of normal and reasonable, without violating laws and regulations, the customer can use the company's products in the process of solving problems that cannot be solved by telephone or network solution. A face-to-face service plan for customers. The service process is as follows:

Service philosophy

Tengtuo mechanical service concept "customer is me."


To achieve the goal of “doing specialization, doing fine, doing well, and doing long”, it is an inevitable choice to change concepts, manage services, and improve user satisfaction. In the process of growing up, Tengtuo has made great efforts in service, and summed up the service concept of “customer is me” from the practical experience, as the motto guiding Tuantuo's entire after-sales service.


Tengtuo Machinery adheres to the service concept of “customer is me” and aims at customer satisfaction. We hereby publicly promise:

1. Our company has set up a group of tough emergency maintenance service teams. Experienced field engineers and senior technicians can rush to the scene and repair and replace any problems that arise.
2. Within one week of product delivery, the staff of our after-sales service department will conduct telephone tracking consultation according to the customer's contact information until the customer is satisfied.
3. All complaints about product quality, reply within 1 hour, rushed to the scene within 24 hours, and determined the treatment according to the complaint, repair and replacement.
4. Our company promises that all maintenance personnel will be on call to better solve problems for customers.
5. The expenses incurred by the product quality during the warranty period shall be borne by our company.
6. During the warranty period, due to improper use of yours or damage caused by the natural environment, we provide repairs, and the materials and accessories used for maintenance are only included in the cost price.
7. For products that are out of warranty period, we will provide lifetime maintenance service for the products sold (the maintenance cost shall be borne by the user), and ensure that the required accessories or parts drawings are provided in time according to the requirements of the user.